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Lungs damaged by COVID-19, man undergoes heart transplant


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Posted: Saturday January 15th 2022, 8:57 AM [IST]

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New Delhi, January 15: A 55-year-old man, whose lungs had been damaged due to the coronavirus, underwent a bilateral lung transplant at a private facility in Delhi after the donor organs were transported 950 kilometers in three hours, a statement said. reported PTI.

Lungs damaged by COVID-19, man undergoes heart transplant

The operation took place at Max Hospital, Saket and the hospital said it was the first time in North India that a bilateral lung transplant was performed using oxygenation by extracorporeal membrane (ECMO).

The patient, a resident of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

His lungs were damaged due to Covid and he was too unstable and was desaturating poorly, the hospital said in the statement.

“He was on high-flow oxygen and needed intermittent BIPAP support. The only option that could save his life was a lung transplant,” he said.

At the hospital, he was evaluated in the past and had been placed on the waiting list for a lung transplant by a heart and lung transplant team led by Dr. Rahul Chandola, the statement said.

On December 22, the National Organization for Organ and Tissue Transplantation reported the existence of a brain-dead donor in Ahmedabad. This patient was a 44-year-old man who died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The team that followed up on the notification then traveled to Ahmedabad to harvest his lungs, the statement said.

A green corridor has been created between the civil hospital and the airport in Ahmedabad, then between the IGI international airport here and the Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket to get the organs quickly, he said.

Covering a distance of 950 km in three hours, the lungs were transported without problems, he said.

This entire process ensured the transplant of the salvaged lungs within the critical eight-hour chest-to-chest period.

Speaking about the patient’s condition, Dr. Vivek Nangia, Senior Director and Head of Pulmonology at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket Complex said, “This patient had come to us with bullous lung disease, where the lung had already developed several bubble-like or balloon-like structures and the patient had difficulty breathing.” “He had been on oxygen for almost a year now and was not improving and there was no other treatment,” he said.

Chandola said the patient needed extended ECMO support for 10 days post-surgery and was gradually weaned off the ventilator thereafter.

“It was a very complicated operation and we performed this double lung transplant under prolonged ECMO life support for the first time in North India. Now the patient has fully recovered and both lungs are working perfectly,” did he declare.


Article first published: Saturday, January 15, 2022, 8:57 a.m. [IST]