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I want to be a heart specialist, says 16-year-old girl who did 9 A1 at WASSCE

Through Agatha Emeadi

For Stephanie Chiemela, 16, who scored nine A1s in the recently released West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result, the benefits of success are pouring down like showers of blessings as the Good Book in Ezekiel says. Teenage WASSCE Wonder Girl is the second daughter of Mr and Mrs Marcell Madu of Okwu, Okpofe, Ezinnihete, Mbaise, Imo State. She made her alma mater, Federal Government College, Ogbomosho, Osun State proud with her outstanding performance. With confidence, intelligence and focus, Stephanie is already showing that she will follow the path to greatness. In this interview, she reveals how she made the record result.

How did you feel when you saw the result of WASSCE online?

I was surprised; I couldn’t believe it although I worked for it. It was so amazing; I did not know what to do. I went to an internet cafe to check. When I came back and told my mom I had nine A1s, she said that wasn’t true. She said we had to go back to check again because she wanted to see it herself. My parents had already promised me a smartphone if I did “A” in all my papers. They don’t give us phones while in high school, including my older sister before she went to college. They gave it to her when she was going to college. But at home, we might have access to my mother’s phone, especially when browsing educational articles.

So, have you been given a smart phone since you fulfilled your part of the deal?

Yes, I have a phone now, but it’s not from my parents; even if my dad was going to get me one the next day because he was very happy with my result. We didn’t know how my result reached social media and there were so many calls and celebrations, people were calling to congratulate me and my parents. A member of the House of Representatives in my community who happened to be my mother’s classmate contacted her and asked for my number to congratulate me. My mom told him she wasn’t there for him to talk to me, and again, I didn’t have a phone. The man asked for my mother’s account details to get me a smart phone immediately, which she did. That’s how I got a phone.

What other benefits did the result bring you?

I have already secured a scholarship to study medicine and surgery at any university of my choice in Nigeria through the Alumni Association of my school (FEGOCOSA). When I wrote JAMB -UTME I chose Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) to study medicine and surgery and for the proximity to my home but with this offer now my alumni school settle my change of school and all that at the University of Lagos. Other people called my parents and promised their support to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. Again, the phone in my hand came across my result; many parents want me to mentor their children, which I cherish very much. I receive many messages of congratulations every day.

How did you get the awesome result?

In fact, everything is God. I would say the secret to my success as a student was my strong belief in God, hard work, determination, and prayer.

Did you create time to read or did you just depend on what the teacher was teaching in class?

Growing up, I focused on excellence on a daily basis. I created time to always read at night outside of our standard class work and general preparation for the night. I woke up at night, turned on my torch and used it to read. I made sure not to use it to disturb others. Some of my friends loved my idea of ​​waking up to study at night and begged for my indulgence to wake them up as soon as I woke up, which I did too.

Do you combine reading with friends?

No, everyone stayed on their bed reading, sitting or lying down; whatever position suited the person.

Some people accuse your generation of laziness. How did you overcome laziness?

Some people put their legs in water to stay awake, some people drink coffee, wash their face when they wake up, I didn’t do all that and I didn’t drink Lipton or coffee because they contain caffeine.

When did you start taking your studies seriously? Was it as an elementary or high school student?

When I was in elementary school, I didn’t take my studies like that seriously, because the mentality was that whatever you were taught was just okay, but when I got into the secondary school, I realized that there was a big difference between secondary and primary schools. because the level of education has increased and so has the level of knowledge. Once you enter secondary school, there is an increased ability to take studies seriously compared to when you were in primary school. I started to take my studies seriously from JSS 1.

Have you taken the first position of JSS1?

From JSS 1 I was coming home with 2nd or 3rd position but by the time I got to JSS2 I buckled up and went first from JSS2 to SS3 before writing our WASSCE.

Were you the prefect of your school?

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Actually, I was going to be prefect of health, but I had chickenpox, a communicable skin disease. So I had to come home for treatment. By the time I recovered and returned to school, the screening exercise was over.

Now that you’ve made your school so proud, what’s the latest?

I haven’t really heard from the principal, but the Alumni Association (FEGOCOSA) granted me a scholarship to study medicine and surgery at any university of my choice in Nigeria. and I want to specialize as a cardiologist.

Why the choice of cardiology above the others?

I’ve met people with different types of heart conditions, so I’ve always wanted to help them in my own way. When I was in college I wanted to be a neurosurgeon because I’m a fan of Ben Carson and read his books and other novels, but when I got to SS3 I started reconsidering my goals in life and I decided to opt for cardiology.

Apart from cardiology, what other training do you want?

I am a fan of chemistry and I would also like pharmacy.

How did you develop the discipline of reading?

What made me want to read is what my mother used to tell us every day: “Remember where you come from, remember the parents you have. His warning gave me the determination to read, even when others were playing, I told myself that I had to do this course in Medicine and Surgery and that there was no other way but to read; I quickly picked up my book and read.

Your school is mixed. Was there a distraction from the boys? How did you handle all of this?

Because of my personality, I don’t get involved in these areas, I focus on my studies and I have my respect.

Were the boys afraid of you and your academic excellence?

I don’t know, but personally don’t take trash.

Apart from your parents, do you have a role model?

Ben Carson is my role model. From an early age, I encountered Ben Carson’s “Think Big” series, which gave me the zeal and determination to become a doctor.

What advice do you have for younger kids so they can sit down, start reading, and excel in their own exams?

In everything I do, I like to put God first, I will always advise them to always pray, before someone takes an exam, put your head on the table and pray to God to guide you through the work. Even if it is only a second prayer or that “Our Father, who art in heaven?” I have had experiences when I see exam questions its gonna be scary but with prayer I conquered it all. Again, reading is very important. There is no gain without sacrifice, if you don’t read, the person won’t pass, it’s not magic. Everything I have achieved is thanks to God and hard work. My everyday secret to facing all exams is reading. Chemistry questions used to be very long and scary, even though they are simple questions for someone reading, but it can be scary and jarring, but subjects like physics and biology are normal. The good thing is that they are simple when you read them.

How do you read, just school materials or all?

When it comes to school exams, I read more from my notebooks, but when taking external exams, it is advisable to read textbooks because the scope of textbooks is usually wider and that is the difference between the two. WAEC will not give a focus area, the question can come from anywhere. The note settings differ but the manuals all bring them to the same level. I also know that exam bodies have programs that they follow, which is why I read the textbooks more.