Heart transplant

Blake Shelton meets 6-year-old fan awaiting heart transplant in sweet video

When Blake Shelton performed one of his biggest songs in his home country, he had a little help from his “smallest, biggest fan”. Wyatt McKee, 6, met the country artist while performing at the Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant, Oklahoma. The healthy video, shared by TMZ on Monday, Jan. 31, shows Shelton noticing Wyatt’s sign: “Your littlest biggest Lake Texoma fan, 6, waiting for a (heart) transplant!”

After reading Wyatt’s sign into the mic, Shelton handed the young fan a guitar pick and, ultimately, brought him onto the stage. Shelton re-read Wyatt’s sign and encouraged fans to “put this in perspective…The next note he has here, he asked if he could sing this song with me.”

The crowd cheered as Wyatt and the country superstar shared the mic for a rendition of “God’s Country,” Shelton’s 2019 hit song: “I saw the light at sunrise / Sittin’ back in a 40 on the muddy riverside/ Gettin’ baptized in holy water and ‘shine/ With the dogs runnin’/ Saved by the sound of the found/ Dixie whistled in the wind, it’ll take you to heaven/ The devil came down in Georgia but he didn’t stay / It’s God’s country”

harley, Wyatt’s mother, said TMZ that her son has already had two open-heart surgeries due to a condition that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says means the left side of his heart can’t pump blood to the body properly. Harley said Wyatt hoped he could say “hello” to Shelton because of his sign – and Shelton stepped in to make the moment even more special for him.