Heart surgery

16-hour heart surgery saves man’s life

Through Express press service

KOCHI: Najeeb (58), resident of Kodungallur, was not sure of reaching 2022.

Suffering from “aortic aneurysm” and its complications, hospitals refused to continue the treatment due to its complexity. When he was brought to Aster Medcity on December 30, blood flow to his brain and hands had almost completely stopped and he was at risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. It was following a grueling 16-hour surgery that brought him back to life.

According to the doctors, the chances of survival of his case were only 30%. In aortic aneurysm, the walls of the blood vessels of the aorta become thin and then swollen at several levels. In these areas, clots can form, dislodge and block blood supply to various major organs like the brain and kidneys. The thin wall of the aorta could rupture and the patient could bleed to death.

The whole world was waiting for the celebration of the New Year, while the doctors of the Aster Medcity team tried to save it to welcome a new year. At 8 a.m. on December 31, complex heart surgery began.

“His blood flow to the blood vessels to his brain and hands had almost completely stopped. The added risks to other organs made his condition very serious. The patient underwent replacement of the aorta which carries blood to the head, part of the ascending aorta (the largest artery) and the aortic valve, which regulates blood flow to the body through the heart.The success rate in these complex surgeries is only 30% As we have the expertise and experience in managing these complex cardiac issues, we were able to assess and decide on the course of treatment in time,” said Dr. Manoj P Nair, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Aster Medcity .

“The surgery lasted 16 hours and a large amount of blood transfusion was required. The infectious disease team provided full support with special equipment to prevent any postoperative infection. The patient was kept under observation in intensive care for three days and was released five days later. Najeeb is currently recovering at home,” Dr Manoj added.

Dr Suresh G Nair, Anesthesia and Critical Care, said it was one of the most complicated and critical cases that had been treated at Aster. The team of doctors including interventional radiologists also assisted in the treatment of the patient.

On Tuesday, Najeeb arrived for his follow-up consultation and expressed his gratitude and love to the doctors and staff who saved his life.