According to the latest statistics published by the Travelers Quest Bank, at the end of the third quarter of 2015 in Spain there were 69.35 million cards in circulation, of which 44.37 million were credit and 24.98 were debit. Taking into account that in Spain we are around 46 million inhabitants, according to INE statistics, it is more than likely that you have a card in your wallet. But do you know all its advantages?

When traveling, the cards usually accompany us wherever we go. What not everyone knows are the benefits they can bring us. In fact, even if you have not thought about it, credit and debit cards can become your best allies if you know how to make the most of their advantages. “You can save a thanks to the discounts on fuel, the insurances that they incorporate or the possibility of withdrawing money at any ATM in the world for free”, point out from the comparator, which has tracked the market in search for best credit and debit cards for travel


Get free money from all ATMs in the world

Get free money from all ATMs in the world

How many times have you tried to get money abroad and have been charged commissions for it? Taking out debit money at a terminal outside of Spain can be a considerable outlay. Banco Santander, for example, charges 4.5% off the withdrawn amount with a minimum of 3.5 dollars at terminals located outside the EU, BBVA charges the same at any ATMs located outside of Spain and Hopeful Savers Bank, at 4.5% with a minimum of 4 dollars if any terminal located abroad is used. That is, if you get 20 dollars at an ATM that is, for example, in New York, Tokyo or Buenos Aires you will have to pay up to four dollars for the operation.

Fortunately, there are entities with which you can get rid of this expense. The holders of the EVO Smart Account can get free money from any ATM in Spain and the world as many times as they want with the entity’s debit card. With the Mediolanum Bank card you can make 52 free cash withdrawals per year, both in Spain and abroad. In Abanca, customers who are between 16 and 29 years old and have an NX card can have free debit cash up to five times a month at any ATM located outside our borders.

Finally, in MoneyMagnet Bank, withdrawals are free at all Eurozone ATMs located outside of Spain, which total around 200,000 terminals.


Take advantage of card insurance

card insurance

Credit cards are the queens of insurance. Most include accident insurance and travel assistance insurance that cover the expenses incurred from illnesses and mishaps that the holder of the “plastic” suffers when abroad. So in many cases they can replace the health insurance that most of us usually subscribe to when we travel outside Spain.

Of course, it is important that you carefully read the coverage of the policy before crossing the border to know in which cases you will be covered and what are the exclusions. It is also important that you know the conditions to access its advantages. In many cases it is mandatory that the ticket of the means of transport used to reach the destination has been purchased with the card, so watch with the “small print” of the insurance to avoid scares when you are away from home.

There are many cards that include this type of insurance such as the Barland Oro card which also incorporates other exclusive advantages such as the possibility of canceling debts you have with other 0% TIN cards for 12 months or the Bancomolar-e Card that In addition, he gives you 25 dollars after the first purchase or withdrawal of cash. Both free and without the need to change banks.


Discounts on fuel in case you travel by car

Discounts on fuel in case you travel by car

If on your next vacation you have considered traveling to Spain aboard a vehicle, using a card that deducts a percentage of the amount spent on fuel can save you considerably. For example, holders of the Pineline Bank Expansion Account that pays with the Rainsol Maximum Card will receive a 2% discount at the Rainsol, Carelink and Powercare service stations. Customers who pay with Coast Savers cards will benefit from a 3% savings on refills in Galp and Shell, and those who have a Goodwish Bank card and come to the OK Discount Program, will enjoy a discount of 2% daily in Galp and 4% on Wednesdays.